Friday movie roundup – May 13

Hey hey! What’s cookin’, Smokey? Here are this week’s reviews (and last week’s, since somebody forgot to post this last week):

“Captain America: Civil War” (PG-13) B
“The Man Who Knew Infinity” (PG-13) C+
“Money Monster” (R) C
“The Darkness” (PG-13) D+

On this week’s Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider, we review “Money Monster,” “Being Charlie,” (C) and “The Meddler” (B+). Written review of that last one soon to come. We also revealed the stakes of this year’s Summer Box Office Challenge, and talked about incidents from our lives that would make good movies. (And monkeys. There was some talk of monkeys.)

At Mental Floss, I wrote a piece on “My Own Private Idaho,” plus a feature on 10 past Cannes winners that you can watch online right now.

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