Friday movie roundup – May 2

And the 2008 Summer Blockbuster Season officially begins with “Iron Man,” a slick and funny comic book flick that gets the season off to a good start.

For counter-programming, the womenfolk get a big ol’ piece of crap called “Made of Honor.” It has a pun title, and it’s the worst kind of pun title: the kind that doesn’t actually mean anything. Y’all know I don’t exactly go into romantic comedies expecting the moon, but this one is bad even by the terribly low standards of romantic comedies. Also, despite being marketed exclusively to women, all the female characters are shallow imbeciles. My review is at

In limited release, there are a few films worth checking out: David Mamet’s “Redbelt,” David Gordon Green’s “Snow Angels,” and foreign-language Oscar winner “The Counterfeiters” (which, yes, I’ve just barely gotten around to seeing).

Finally, the podcast has a review of “Son of Rambow,” which is terrific, one of the best films of the year, and it opens in limited release today. But ignore the podcast, because the review’s not actually going up until next week. Sorry about that.

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