Friday movie roundup: May 22

As you’ve no doubt already heard, “Terminator Salvation,” which opened Thursday, is kind of meh, with a little bleh and eh thrown in for good measure. Without the time-travel element or Schwarzenegger in a leading role, and without the majority of the violence and murder being committed by the good guys, it hardly feels like a “Terminator” movie at all.

Somewhat better is the moderately enjoyable “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” (review at Cinematical), which made me laugh enough to make it worthwhile. Hank Azaria is particularly useful as a resurrected Egyptian pharaoh wannabe. I’ve expected to dislike both “Night at the Museum” films, then have wound up liking them just fine. Apparently Ben Stiller wields magical powers.

Finally, the frontrunner for Worst Movie of 2009 is “Dance Flick,” from the Wayans family. It’s so bad it made everyone in the audience sterile.

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