Friday movie roundup – Oct. 10

It’s a very C+ kind of week for movies, with nothing terrible but nothing really great, either.

The best of the bunch is “City of Ember,” based on a young-adult novel about an underground city. Lots of fun for the whole family, and Bill Murray plays the idiot mayor!

“Body of Lies” is a body of meh.

“The Express” (reviewed at takes the express train to Mehville. It’s about college football legend Ernie Davis, who surely deserves a more interesting and imaginative biopic than this one.

“RocknRolla” (reviewed at Cinematical) is Guy Ritchie’s latest “Snatch” remake.

Finally, there’s “Quarantine,” which is one of Hollywood’s Shameful Secrets©, and it must be quite shameful indeed: A screening was scheduled, and then canceled. Except that they didn’t actually cancel it — they just told the critics they did. It was still held Thursday night, with the public invited. Apparently it was the same scenario in a number of cities. Nice work, Screen Gems! I’ll have a review this weekend.

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