Friday movie roundup – Oct. 17

Friday means one thing and one thing only: new movies! Also, starting at sundown, the Jewish sabbath. So I guess two things. Well, one and a half, since the sabbath thing doesn’t happen until tonight. Friday means mostly one thing, and that one thing is new movies. (Sorry, Jewish people.)

Speaking of Jews, Anne Hathaway — is she Jewish? Her character is, anyway — stars in “Rachel Getting Married,” an exceedingly well-acted drama about a woman who gets out of rehab just in time for her sister’s wedding. Good times!

Then you have “Max Payne,” a video-game-based movie that continues the genre’s perfect record of every single video-game-based movie being bad. (You’re thinking the first “Resident Evil” was an exception, but you’re mistaken.) My review is at Cinematical.

At, I’ve reviewed “Sex Drive,” a derivative but often very funny raunchy teen comedy.

I wish I had thought of referring to “The Secret Life of Bees” as “Oprah’s Book Club: The Movie,” but someone online beat me to it. Anyway, it’s a pretty generic, albeit well-meaning, drama set in 1964 in South Carolina.

Finally, Oliver Stone’s “W.” opens today having been screened in just about every other major and semi-major market except Portland. We have no idea why. The reason Lionsgate gave us, that it had to do with “market size,” was an obvious falsehood, given that it screened in many markets smaller than us. I’ll have a review this weekend. If nothing else, I’m pretty sure it will wind up being the shortest title of the year.

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