Friday movie roundup – Oct. 22

‘Tis the bewitching season, as ye well know. Clint Eastwood’s latest movie, “Hereafter,” is a very slow and boring rumination on the afterlife, while “Paranormal Activity 2” (review at offers more of what “Paranormal Activity” offered, i.e., creepy things happening late at night in a house.

Those of you in Utah, it is at last your lucky day! “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend,” a funny, surprising, and altogether pleasant romantic comedy written and directed by my old pal Daryn Tufts, is now playing at … I don’t know … a couple local theaters. Google it or something. I don’t have to do everything for you. Those of you outside Utah, it’ll be on Video On Demand later this year.

Also, what about our schools, and why are they terrible? That’s what “Waiting for ‘Superman'” wants to know, documentary-style.

This week at Cinematical: you got your mockery of new trailers, and you got your “What if David Mamet had written ‘RED’?” concept piece. The latter, being in the style of David Mamet, features much asterisked profanity. Which makes it not profanity at all, but merely a few letters and a lot of stars!

This week at Are there still differences between print and online critics?; “What’s the Big Deal?” is about “Cool Hand Luke” (requested by many, many, many of you); and “Eric’s Bad Movies” is about “3 Ninjas” (also requested by many, many, many of you, and I will not soon forgive you).

Oh, and now “Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider” has a Facebook page, I guess.

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