Friday movie roundup – Oct. 29

Pardon the non-Fridayness of this Friday Movie Roundup. There was a technical issue with Eric’s brain on Friday that caused it to seize up and not do anything.

But there aren’t any movies anyway, so whatever. “Saw 3D” (review at Cinematical), one of Hollywood’s Shameful Secrets®, opened Thursday night for the paying public and went about the way these things usually do. Note that in addition to reviewing this entry, Eric composed a brief roundup of the entire franchise for Salt Lake City Weekly, an actual newspaper that is printed on trees and strewn through Utah’s streets, and somehow this is legal.

“Conviction” (review at went into wide-ish release. It’s the average story of an average inspiring woman who does an average inspiring thing.

In limited release, there’s the Sundance docudrama “Howl,” about the Beat poet Allen Ginsberg and his fondness for howling.

At “What’s the Big Deal?” is about “Dr. Strangelove,” a movie that makes Eric laugh very hard. “Eric’s Bad Movies” is about “Double Team,” starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Rodman, and a jungle cat. Eric also came up with a list of things that could theoretically stop the train in “Unstoppable.”

At Cinematical: Word got out a couple weeks ago that the “Alien” prequel now in development has a scene where some dumb aliens use mind control to get their enslaved humans to breed, except the humans in question are both male, which the aliens didn’t realize would be a problem. Since this sounds less like a plot device for a sci-fi movie and more like a premise for a comedy sketch, Eric wrote a comedy sketch.

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