Friday movie roundup – Oct. 30

Hollywood has forsaken us, friends. The only new wide release this Halloween weekend is Michael Jackson’s “This Is It,” a concert film (sort of) that comprises footage from his rehearsals for what would have been a world tour. It’s fitting that it should be released at Halloween, of course. Jackson is forever associated with that holiday because of “Thriller,” he himself often wore fanciful masks and costumes, and he loved the idea of a parade of unaccompanied young boys coming to his house at night.

I didn’t see “This Is It,” which opened Wednesday. Concert films in general don’t interest me, and especially when it’s an artist whose music I’m indifferent toward. So since no one assigned me to review the film, I abstained.

In limited release, you’ll find two very good, very cheerful films. “An Education” is about a teenage girl coming of age in 1960s London, and it’s smart and funny and all that. “Black Dynamite,” meanwhile, is a spoof of ’70s blaxploitation films, and one of the most consistently funny spoofs since “Airplane!” You’ll have to look around for them, or wait until they come to your city, but they’re out there.

And if you’re interested, I reviewed “Saw VI,” which opened last weekend without screenings. Why would you be interested, though?

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