Friday movie roundup – Sept. 12

I’m back from Toronto and glad to be on fresh, freedom-enriched American soil again. I flew home on Sept. 11, which turned out to be not nearly as interesting as I had thought it might be.

The Coen Brothers have a new film in theaters today, “Burn After Reading,” which I enjoyed but did not totally love. It’s a minor Coen work — which, after all, is still better than, say, a major Tyler Perry work.

Speaking of which, Perry’s “The Family That Preys” opens today as one of Hollywood’s Shameful Secrets® (movies not screened for critics). I also don’t have a review of the Pacino/De Niro cop thriller “Righteous Kill,” but that’s because it screened when I was in Canada.

I do have a review of “The Women,” a dreadful and unfunny comedy starring a bunch of women. My review is at Cinematical.

As predicted, there is no “In the Dark” podcast this week due to my travels and jet lag and tiredness and malaise. But in general, you can subscribe to the weekly movie podcast using this URL. And you can subscribe to “In the Dark,” the weekly e-mail roundup of new reviews and DVD releases, here.