Friday movie roundup – Sept. 28

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The best new film this weekend is “The Kingdom,” starring Jamie Foxx as an FBI agent who leads a small team to investigate a terrorist attack against Americans in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It’s a great mix of entertainment and post-9/11 political commentary. ME LIKEY!

Our friends at Cinematical pointed out yesterday that the very informative and interesting opening credits of “The Kingdom” are being hosted at Yahoo. Go over and take a look.

(My review of “The Kingdom” is this week’s feature. As of this second, it’s not showing up over there for some reason, but I assume that problem will soon be remedied, and I will replace this text with text that has been stricken through to indicate it is no longer applicable.)

“The Game Plan” stars The Rock as a football player who suddenly has to take care of the 8-year-old daughter he never knew he had. It’s stupid and I didn’t like it. The end.

My review of “The Jane Austen Book Club” contains a joke I stole from a column I wrote last year. As always, I make no apologies for plagiarizing myself.

“Trade” is about the sex-slave industry. It (the movie as well as the industry) is grotesque. ME NO LIKEY!

Finally, there’s “Feast of Love,” which I just saw last night and did not feel compelled to bust my butt writing a review of. Look for it this weekend. (Hint: It’s probably in the C+ range.) The most interesting thing about the movie to me is that it was filmed here in Portland. In fact, the coffeehouse connecting all of the central characters is exactly one mile from my apartment! I used to go there a lot! It’s in my neighborhood! The good part of my neighborhood, not the bad part, where I live. It is the coffeehouse described in this “Snide Remarks” column.