Friday movie roundup – Sept. 9

Movies! Here are my last several reviews, including some short ones of summer movies I saw but didn’t review till now. Several recommended options in here:

“Sully” (PG-13) C+
“Other People” (NR) B-
“Tickled” (R) A-
“Hunt for the Wilderpeople” (PG-13) B+
“Swiss Army Man” (R) B+
“Mechanic: Resurrection” (R) C
“De Palma” (R) B+

At Vanity Fair (I’m fancy), I have a huge feature: 50 Things That Happened Because of “Star Trek,” one for each year of its existence.

For Mental Floss, I wrote behind-the-scenes accounts of “Welcome to the Dollhouse” and “Sid and Nancy” (which I mistype “Side and Nancy” 95% of the time).

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