Help me move by getting rid of these books


UPDATE: You’re too late, they’re gone.

I’m moving back to Provo in early September. I love Portland, but I want to be near my Utah friends and my niecephews (and their parents, I guess).

That’s not what this post is about, though. Last time I moved, I found a box containing about 250 copies of “Snide Remarks II: Electric Boogaloo,” the book I published back when “Electric Boogaloo” was still a hilarious sequel title. I sold as many as I could to make the move lighter, but not all. Now, as I prepare to move again, I have found the same box, now containing about 120 copies.

IMG_0602Would you like a copy of this collector’s item of humor from BYU in the late 1990s? Then Venmo (EricDSnider) or PayPal ( me at least $5, along with your address (U.S. only), and I’ll mail you one! Autographed and everything!

Please note that you might not get all of the jokes if you weren’t at or near BYU in the late ’90s. Please also note that all of the columns in the book can be read for free on this very website. Reading them on this website doesn’t help me get rid of books, though. You see the problem.

The first “Snide Remarks” is long gone. This second one will be gone after I unload these remaining 120 copies. Send me five bucks (or more, I’m not proud) and let’s get this over with, OK? Thanks!