No matter how much you write to it, will NEVER BE Raven-Symone’s e-mail address

A while back, I got tired of kids writing to me asking for Raven-Symone’s e-mail address. I had to keep telling them that I didn’t have it, and that there is no reason to think I WOULD have it. Yet some of these kids, who are just kids, and who aren’t necessarily very smart, kept pestering me.

So in a previous blog entry, I gave this address — — and announced in plain language that it is NOT Raven-Symone’s e-mail address, and that it is in fact an address I registered through Gmail. I figured if people were going to keep harassing me for information I didn’t have, I might as well just make up some information and give it to them.

Sure enough, that fake address spread quickly within the Raven-Symone community, and I have received nearly 100 e-mails from devoted Raven-Symone fans, most of whom begin with, “Is this really your e-mail?????,” even though I clearly stated before that it is not.

Anyway, to repeat: still is NOT Raven-Symone’s e-mail address. If you write to that address, your e-mail will be read by me, Eric D. Snider. If anyone replies, it will be me, Eric D. Snider, pretending to be Raven-Symone. The real Raven-Symone has no idea who I am and has no knowledge of this e-mail address.

I’m making this very plain because I think a lot of you will read it, see the words “raven-symone” and “e-mail address,” and write to the address regardless of what I’ve said about it. And later, when I publish your e-mails on this site, we will all have a good laugh at the sort of things people say when they write letters to Raven-Symone.