Occasional link roundup – March 3-23


Howdy, gang! Wait, that looks wrong. A group of people who could be described as a “gang” would not answer to “howdy.” So never mind. I’m going to start over. No, I’m just going to regurgitate some links.

“Olympus Has Fallen” B-
“The Croods” B-
“Oz the Great and Powerful” B-
“Somebody Up There Likes Me” B
“Beyond the Hills” D
“Reality” B+
“Ginger & Rosa” B [About.com]

SXSW coverage:
The 8 Most Memorable Premieres in SXSW History. Or the eight I remember the most, anyway. Except for the one I wasn’t at. The seven I remember most, plus one that sounds like it was fairly noteworthy. [Film.com]
The Great Debate: SXSW vs. Sundance. I took the Sundance side, with Film School Rejects’ Rob Hunter sticking up for SXSW. [Film.com]
“Go for Sisters” B [Twitch]
“Hours” D [Twitch]
“Haunter” B [Twitch]
“Drinking Buddies” B+ [Twitch]

Eric’s Bad Movies: “Land of Doom” (1986), set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, like all ’80s movies. [Film.com]

Eric’s Bad Movies: “Mr. Hush” (2011), about a man tormented by a vampire and a lack of acting talent. [Film.com]

Snide Remarks: “Empty Pockets,” in which traveling by air requires giving up on everything.

Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider: Episode 151 has “Oz the Great and Powerful,” “Emperor,” and an interview with “Rewind This!” director Josh Johnson. Episode 152 has “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,” “The Call,” and my report from SXSW. Episode 153 has “Olympus Has Fallen,” “Spring Breakers,” “The Croods,” “Stoker,” and an interview with “On the Road” director Walter Salles. [MovieBS]

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