Raven-Symone’s e-mail address

Oh, you Raven-Symone fans. You’re so very smart. You Google the words “raven symone e-mail” and what comes up? Two of my blog entries (found here and here), where I talk about the fact that I DO NOT HAVE RAVEN-SYMONE’S E-MAIL ADDRESS. So what do you do? You e-mail me to ask for her e-mail address. You saw the words “raven symone” and “e-mail address” in the same article, and you concluded that I must be in possession of said address.

How could anyone do that? How could you find not one, but TWO articles in which I very clearly state my lack of information in regards to Raven-Symone’s e-mail address, yet still ask me if I have it? I don’t know how, but I still get about one e-mail per month from someone asking for it.

You are in luck, however, you Raven-Symone fans. Your persistence has paid off. Raven-Symone herself has found my Web site, presumably by Googling herself to find out her own e-mail address, and has supplied it to me. It is:


Please pass it along to all of your fellow fans and tell them to quit bugging me.

Now, one thing you should know: That is not really her e-mail address. It’s a Gmail address that I registered. The e-mails will be read by me, and if anyone answers them, it will be me, pretending to be Raven-Symone. I’m including this paragraph to see if people ignore it (or fail to understand it) and use the address anyway. I will report my findings to the smart people who read this blog (of whom I assume there must be a few).