Tuesday movie roundup – July 3

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Patriotism sometimes makes people do crazy things, like release movies on a Tuesday instead of Friday. In order to take advantage of the Fourth of the July holiday, the Hollywood gods have blessed us with two new releases today: “Transformers” and “License to Wed.”

One of the most anticipated films in a summer full of anticipated films,“Transformers” will probably do very well with its target audience: people who are already huge fans of the old cartoon series and the toys it was based on. Without that context, it’s a fairly middling action-adventure movie, a little dumber and not as entertaining as some.

If “Transformers” isn’t your thing, then I recommend as an alternative that you pound a railroad spike into your head — anything to avoid seeing “License to Wed,” which is as big a pile of poo as we’ve seen all year.

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We now return you to your regular pre-holiday schedule of not doing any work.