Wednesday movie roundup – incomplete Thanksgiving edition

There are five wide releases hitting theaters today, plus “No Country for Old Men” expanding to 800+ screens, plus “I’m Not There” opening on 130 screens. That makes it one of the most crowded Thanksgiving weekends ever, at least in terms of movies. I guess if you don’t go to the movies, your Thanksgiving won’t be affected at all.

I’ve got reviews of “The Mist” (scary-fun monster movie!), “I’m Not There” (artsy-crazy Bob Dylan biopic!), and “August Rush” (dumb!). The latter is this week’s review, but ‘cept it’s not showing up there yet, so I don’t know what the deal is. Perhaps the virulent stream of profanity I used to describe Robin Williams’ soul patch got caught up in copy editing. (UPDATE: All is well! Here is the “August Rush” review.)

Unfortunately, I don’t have a review of the week’s biggest film, Disney’s “Enchanted,” because the screening conflicted with something that had to take priority. I also don’t have one for “Hitman,” because Twentieth Century Fox didn’t screen it until last night (never a good sign), and I’m in SoCal visiting the family and not in Portland going to screenings. (Was there a screening in SoCal that I could have gone to? Meh, probably.)

I plan to see “Enchanted” and “Hitman” today and get reviews posted ASAP. And as soon as I do, this week’s edition of “In the Dark” will be e-mailed out. No podcast this week. No podcast, only turkey.

P.S. I forgot to mention “This Christmas,” which is about a black family’s first holiday together in four years. It wasn’t screened for critics at all. That’s probably why I forgot to mention it.