Weekly link roundup: April 30-May 6

New movie reviews:
“Thor” (B)
“Hobo with a Shotgun” (A-)
“The Beaver” (B+)
“Something Borrowed” (D) [Film.com]

Tribeca Film Festival reviews (all at Film.com):
“Angels Crest” (B)
“Everything Must Go” (B+)
“The Good Doctor” (B+)
“Higher Ground” (A-)
“Point Blank” (A-)
“Roadie” (C+)
“The Trip” (B)

Movie columns:
— Eric’s Bad Movies: “Above the Law” (1988). This is Steven Seagal’s first movie. I always assumed it must be at least sorta good, since he immediately got offers to make more movies, but this was not the case. [Film.com]
— What’s the Big Deal?: “Beauty and the Beast” (1946) — not the Disney cartoon (though I love that too), but the magical old French version. [Film.com]

My other stuff:
Snide Remarks: “A Matter of Control” — Video games reveal that I am elderly.

Miscellaneous merriment:
— You may have heard that Osama Bin Laden passed away quietly in his sleep last Sunday. Would you like to see how America’s dumb teenagers noted the occasion? [Facebook / FaceDumb on Twitter]
— This now-iconic picture of the White House situation room is mesmerizing to me. Click “Original” for the giant version and look at the faces, especially Obama’s and Clinton’s. There was some intense shiz going down. [Flickr]
— The night before Bin Laden bit the dust was the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. Obama had some pretty good jokes in his speech (though his delivery is still off), including some aimed at Donald Trump… [YouTube]
— …and then “SNL” head writer Seth Meyers annihilated Trump and cracked on just about everyone else, too, including 2008 Obama vs. 2011 Obama. Of particular import: At 2:05, Meyers makes a joke about C-SPAN’s lack of viewers that references the whereabouts of Bin Laden. Check out the reaction from Obama, who had signed off on the mission to kill or capture Bin Laden just hours earlier. [YouTube]
— I compiled some of the most amusing Bin Laden jokes from Twitter. [Eric’s Blog]
— Speaking of Bin Laden, right after 9/11, Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, and Michael Jackson went on a road trip. [Vanity Fair]
— My sister is taking a film class at a community college. This is a journal entry by one of her classmates. (We THINK she meant that the people who made “Disturbia” should have noticed they were copying “Rear Window.”) [Twitpic]
— My old pal Scott Weinberg, formerly managing editor at Cinematical, started a new gig at Movies.com this week. His first item: Dear 3D, Please Die Already (Again). [Movies.com]
— Matt Patches, whose name makes it sound like he should be a circus clown or an old-timey hobo, writes about the movies his ex-girlfriends made him watch and what he learned from them. [Film School Rejects]
— Drew McWeeny filmed his two little boys reciting the Green Lantern oath. It’s impossibly cute. [HitFix]
— In honor of the Beastie Boys’ new album, here are explanations for 170 of their previous lyrical references. [The AV Club]
— Forget about Twitter. The best political zingers still come in the form of letters to the editor. Man, this lady sure let Trump have it, am I right?! [The Salt Lake Tribune]

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