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    Weekly link roundup – Aug. 12-18


    Here’s everything that smelled like Eric D. Snider this week!

    “Hope Springs” B+
    “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” C
    “ParaNorman” B
    “Sparkle” D+ [Pajiba]

    Eric’s Bad Movies: “Chill Factor” (1999). Cuba Gooding Jr. and Skeet Ulrich in a “Speed”-inspired action comedy. [Film.com]

    Re-Views: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (2002). I gave it a straight-up “A” grade ten years ago. What about now? [Film.com]

    8 Unanswered Questions We Had After Watching ‘The Bourne Legacy.’
    Turns out the first question is answered in the movie — but two other people I know asked me the same question after watching it. How did we all miss it? Are we dumb? [Movies.com]

    Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider:
    In this week’s podcast, Jeff and I reviewed “The Expendables 2,” “ParaNorman,” “The Odd Life of Timothy Green,” and “Sparkle”; talked about dead actors we wish had made one more movie; played a round of Character Casserole; and declared a winner in our summer box office challenge. Listen here.

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