Weekly link roundup – June 18-24


“Cars 2” (C-)
“Bad Teacher” (C) [Film.com]
“Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop” (B+)

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Eric’s Bad Movies: “Lost in Space” (1998). The very picture of a bloated, pointless big-screen version of a TV show. [Film.com]

What’s the Big Deal?: “The Virgin Spring” (1960). Wes Craven’s “The Last House on the Left” was inspired by this much more artsy-fartsy Ingmar Bergman work. [Film.com]

Re-Views: “Not Another Teen Movie” (2001). In the fourth installment of this new column, I finally locate a movie on which my opinion has completely reversed itself. This is very exciting. [Film.com]

Unsettling Questions Raised by the Alternate Reality in “Cars.” [Film.com]

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Snide Remarks: “Stand in the Place Where You Work” — No more sitting down on the job.

Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider: Reviews of “Cars 2,” “Bad Teacher,” and “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop,” plus a game of Interquel and some obsessing over the “Cars” universe. [Cascadia.fm] or [iTunes]

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It seems likely that the famously reclusive and eccentric Hollywood analyst Nikki Finke probably makes up a lot of the quotes she uses. [Pajiba]

If you didn’t care for “Green Lantern,” perhaps you’ll think that Robert Smigel’s comedy version — which would have starred Jack Black — would have been better. [Vanity Fair]

Rob McElhenney, who plays Mack on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” has gained 50 pounds for the new season. Why? Because fat dudes are funnier. [Warming Glow]

A handy flow chart to determine whether you should forward that email. [dgls.pls.blg]

Chainsaw Suit is one of the web comics I read regularly. This one in particular made me laugh. [Chainsaw Suit]

And then there’s the breakdancing gorilla. [YouTube]