Weekly link roundup – May 28-June 3


“X-Men: First Class” (A-) [Film.com]
“Midnight in Paris” (B+)

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Eric’s Bad Movies: “Teen Wolf Too” (1987). Let’s be honest, the first “Teen Wolf” wasn’t exactly a great movie anyway, but this sequel — ugh. It fits this week because there’s a new “Teen Wolf” TV series starting on MTV, and because the Beast character in “X-Men: First Class” reminds me of Teen Wolf. [Film.com]

What’s the Big Deal?: “The Battle of Algiers” (1966). One of those “important and lauded war-related foreign films” to which I finally got around to paying some attention. [Film.com]

Re-Views: “Mystic River” (2003). New weekly column! The idea is this: I choose a movie that I reviewed at least six years ago, and that I gave an A or A- review, but that I never watched a second time. There’s a finite list of movies that meet those criteria, which is nice, because I like finite lists of things. The concept will be more fully explored in next week’s edition. [Film.com]

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Snide Remarks: “Mysterious Kin” — Keeping your baby’s gender a secret.

Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider: Reviews of “X-Men: First Class,” “Midnight in Paris,” and “13 Assassins,” plus for some reason I talk to Jeff’s niece and nephew, and we play a game of Interquel. [Cascadia.fm] or [iTunes]

Reject Radio: Alleged host “Cole Abaius” had me on to talk about the appeal of bad movies. [Film School Rejects]

In the Dark: Subscribe to this weekly e-mail and get all the latest movie reviews, DVD releases, and other pertinent info delivered to your electronic mailbox. [Eric D. Snider’s In the Dark]

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Matt Singer selects the 25 oldest-looking teenagers in movie history, and provides photographic evidence. [IFC]

A dozen notable post-credits scenes from movies, courtesy of Patches McPatches. [Film School Rejects]

Will Goss, who is kind of funny sometimes, describes the plots of the next four “Hangover” movies. [Film.com]

Everyone should have this kid’s attitude: “I feel happy of myself! … If you believe in yourself, you will know how to ride a bike!” [Vulture]

Well, of course Leslie Nielsen’s gravestone has a fart joke. [Sun Sentinel]

Did you know that if you slow an informercial down to half-speed and add creepy music and sound effects, it becomes terrifying? [YouTube]

I don’t speak Greek, but I assume the topic being discussed here is mental healthcare for the elderly. [YouTube]