Weekly link roundup – Oct. 1-7


“Real Steel” (C+) [Film.com]
“The Ides of March” (B+)
“Tucker and Dale vs Evil” (B+)
“The Human Centipede 2” (D)

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What’s the Big Deal?: “Sullivan’s Travels” (1941), an affectionate Hollywood satire that has barely aged a day. [Film.com]

Re-Views: “Dr. T and the Women” (2000), a film I hated the first time around. The second time around? You’ll have to read the column and find out! (Fine. I don’t have it anymore.) [Film.com]

One Year Ago: Catching up with “Life As We Know It,” “Secretariat,” and more. [Movies.com]

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Snide Remarks: Didn’t run this week. Or the week before, I know. There have been some issues. It’ll be back Monday, I promise. PROMISE.

Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider: Regular listeners will be thrilled to know that we debuted a new game on this week’s show! Somehow it ended up involving Batman, Santa Claus, and ’60s housemaids. [Cascadia.fm] or [iTunes]

In the Dark: Subscribe to this weekly e-mail and get all the latest movie reviews, DVD releases, and other pertinent info delivered to your electronic mailbox. [Eric D. Snider’s In the Dark]

Twitter: I have established a beachhead on this social networking blathering device. [Twitter]

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Marie Brian, aka The Cotton Floozy, is a talented maker of (according to her card) “subversive embroidery, crocheted oddities, custom orders, and anything else granny wackadoo.” She asked me for my favorite movie quote, and I told her, and she embroidered it! For reals! (It’s from “Anchorman.”) Then she mailed me the actual item in a lovely frame and everything! This is fantastic. I love it. [The Cotton Floozy] [Twitpic]

I tweeted this question a few days ago: Who did we use for hyperbolic comparisons before Hitler? “That Teddy Roosevelt, he’s worse than” … Genghis Khan? Jack the Ripper? Who? Almost simultaneously, Slate was publishing this column that addresses that very question. The answers include Judas Iscariot, the Egyptian Pharaoh of Exodus, and … Abraham Lincoln? Man, we were really hurting for evil icons. [Slate]

Here is a collection of movie posters where it looks like one or more of the characters is farting. [Uproxx]

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