Weekly link roundup – Sept. 2-8


This week marked the long-prophesied (2 1/2 months) return of Snide Remarks, and I guess some other things as well. Here’s everything with my name on it that I could find on the Internet® this week.

New movie reviews:

“The Words” D+
“The Cold Light of Day” C [Pajiba]

Reviews from the Telluride Film Festival:

“Argo” A- [Movies.com]
“At Any Price” B+ [Twitch]
“The Attack” B+ [Twitch]
“The Central Park Five” B [Twitch]
“Frances Ha” A- [Movies.com]
“Hyde Park on Hudson” C [Movies.com]
“NO” B+ [Twitch]

A list of the 2012 fall TV premiere dates.

Why I (mostly) got rid of comments on my site.

Eric’s Bad Movies: “The Apparition” (2012). I’ve never done a current theatrical release for this column, but “The Apparition” required it. [Film.com]

Snide Remarks: “Dumb and Summer” — The summer blockbuster season recap. This is the first of 50 new Snide Remarks columns commissioned via Kickstarter, by the way. Thanks to all who contributed and made this Labor Day miracle possible!

Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider: We reviewed “The Words,” “For a Good Time, Call…,” “The Inbetweeners Movie,” and “Samsara.” We also engaged in more tangents than usual. Listen here.

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