Weekly link roundup – Sept. 23-Oct.6


There wasn’t any fanfare or ritual sacrifice to accompany it, but in the last several weeks I start writing for Pajiba and Twitch, two movie sites staffed by cool people. I’m doing a weekly column, New to Me, for Pajiba that basically serves the same function as My Shame List, which only lasted a few weeks before getting overhauled (and I’m still tinkering with it). And I’m doing movie reviews at both sites.

If you’d be so kind, I’d appreciate it if you’d be sure to read the stuff I post at these sites. Actually, even if you don’t read it, if you’d at least click the links and visit the sites, that would help. (The same still goes for my Film.com columns, but I’m not as concerned about those because they’re more well established.) There are only a few ways of measuring a writer’s value nowadays, and one of the key ones is page-views. So view those pages! Or at least pretend to. Thanks.

Here’s what we have from the last couple weeks:

“Looper” A-
“Hotel Transylvania” B- [Twitch]
“Pitch Perfect” B
“Frankenweenie” B
“Taken 2” C-
“V/H/S” B

Eric’s Bad Movies: “Abduction” (2011). Taylor Lautner: action hero! [Film.com]

Re-Views: “Eight Crazy Nights” (2002). “Hotel Transylvania” wasn’t bad, so I decided to re-visit Adam Sandler’s last animated treasure. [Film.com]

New to Me: “Dr. No” (1962). The first of several movies about a guy named “James Bond.” [Pajiba]

Snide Remarks: “Islam, You Slam, We All Slam”
— On movies, Muslims, Christians, and movies

Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider: We review “Taken 2,” “Frankenweenie,” “Pitch Perfect,” “V/H/S,” and play Character Casserole. Listen here.

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