Bad 9/11 poetry: ‘I Love My Country’


More bad poetry inspired by 9/11. (See this entry for background.)

I Love My Country

by Lenore Allan Brinkerhoff

[Submitted in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. I have modified it to make it readable. The author’s odd choice in line breaks has been retained. And I sure do hope those terrorists get the clue!]

A terrible blow to our great U.S.A. —
9-11-01 we’ll all recall that horrible day.
8:48 a.m. The first devastation on one great tower —
The next plane hit the second tower all within an hour.
Intertwined in this was a big blow to our Pentagon —
These all involved our passenger planes
With many innocent people on.
Another plane was diverted away from the
White House we pray —
Although many lives were lost — those who jumped
The terrorist; will be heroes for the day.
In those waning moments did the victims have time to cry?
Did they put their hands in the Lord with prayer;
Before they prepared to die?
Many loved ones lived in our great state —
Were lost in this devastation no more to have a mate.
God bless those innocent people who were on the plane
And on the ground —
This great America will go on;
No greater place can be found.
We are generous, powerful, loving
And our people love serving others —
We have a big heart, we’re giving; this country
Is worth keeping, we’re all sister and brothers.
My heart aches, my soul does bleed —
For the many people still doing a great deed.
We know the only way this terrible problem can be solved —
Work together, track down those who did this dastardly deed,
Plead to and trust in our God.
We as Americans will go on because we know that
The good old U.S.A. is worth keeping and holding on to —
Those who sot to destroy us will see how
Precious our U.S.A. is and hopefully get the clue.
God bless America
We sure do love you
We stand united
We are not alone.