Children’s Letters to Raven-Symone III


Wow, we have a lot to catch up on here. These are e-mails sent to, an address that does NOT belong to singer/actress/chubster Raven-Symone. Only stupid people think it does. Stupid people, and children. (I recommend this prior post for background on how this fake e-mail address came to be.)


Dec. 1, 2005:
hey raven sup? it’s me brittany again!!! how are you? i am doing a journey across america project the state i have is pennslvania, Haven you ever been there ?


* * * * *

Dec. 3, 2005:
Hi raven, how come your not gonna be in the cheetah girls 2. It would be no fun without u in it . what is the directors problem! I’ve seen all your series and all your films since you were three; ( my dad recorded them) You’re so lucky you’re famous ( right listen guys) (when you wasn’t famous, with millions of dollars no-one loved you or liked u or even Knew you. so I suggest yu buckle up a little, don’t spend ALL your dollars on food and if u still go to school, don’t give in 2 the food court.) (that was 1 of your series) OH SNAP I GOT-TA GO. HOLLA ( cause ther’s a story here, and I’m gonna find it. From jasmine/raven

[Note the signature: jasmine/raven. Is Jasmine such a fan that she has appended “/Raven” to her own name? That’s great. Henceforth, I want to be called Eric/Bea. I love you, Ms. Arthur!

Also, please note that Jasmine/Raven apparently wrote to Raven just so she could go off on a tangent about her own friends and their weakness for fast food.]

* * * * *

Dec. 4, 2005:
hello you are Raven ?

* * * * *

Dec. 5, 2005:
Hi Raven! My name is Mandy. I am such a big fan of yours. I think you do such a great job. you know, its really nice knowing that there is at least one teen star who is not a fake…. I was watching one of the episodes of thats so raven the other day. and you and Devon got back together. when will he come back? I think he is the best guy for you. Are you two dating in real life. OMG i am soo excited. will you write me back please? thank you.

your biggest fan!!,

[So many people CLAIM to be Raven’s biggest fan, but who really is? There can be only one. I propose a fight to the death.]

* * * * *

Dec. 6, 2005:
hey rae i love ur show i may be a boy that doesnt mean i cant watch ur show well please email me back my name is michael please emial me back once u see this email.
Sincerely ur fan,

[Actually, Michael, I think being a boy DOES mean you can’t watch her show. Sorry.]

* * * * *

Dec. 9, 2005:

* * * * *

Dec. 11, 2005:
Raven this Ashley your number 1 fan drop me a line at [e-mail address withheld]

Ashley, a true #1 fan wouldn’t have missed Raven’s birthday.]

* * * * *

Dec. 13, 2005:
Hey, Rae!!! I really love your show, music, and even your clothes!!! When I grow up I want to be just like you!!! Please email me back!!! My email address is [e-mail address withheld]!!!


* * * * *

Dec. 15, 2005:
Raven, I love you’re work so much. I can’t believe that i’m rly tlaking to you!! I have always wanted to meet you and I hope that we can meet some day. I know that we would get along so well. We have all the same interests and you are so pretty. You should give me your AIM sn so that we can talk some time. That would be so cool. I know that you would like me just as much as I like you. You’ll see.

Your biggest fan ever,

* * * * *

Dec. 18, 2005:
i’m amy and i love ur shows. I want u to be my best friend ’cause i luv every thing about u, and we even look alike.Can u email me like every times ur not busy? i’m black too. i was wondering why ur not in the cheetah gurlz anymore. i got to go wacth ur show bye. luv u.

* * * * *

Dec. 24, 2005:
hi raven i am your biggest fan please talk to me i love your show and your songs plese send me back an email when you can thanks i love you bye liz-ann p.s. call me at 772-0216

[“Please use your special Raven powers to determine my area code.”]

* * * * *

Dec. 28, 2005:
Dear Raven email me every day oh snap !

* * * * *

[Here’s one from someone who acknowledges where she got the e-mail address from, acknowledges that she read the part explaining it’s NOT Raven’s e-mail address … yet uses it anyway. Sigh.]

Dec. 30, 2005:
hi raven!! {if this is you i mean} i love your show & character. If this is not you, which it probably isn’t {mr.eric} {i read on ask eric’s web site that this isn’t ravens email or is it…? on the other hand if it is you, im ur biggest fan i know evrithin bout u.

im just messin with ya

thanks [emoticon of cool guy wearing sunglasses]

* * * * *

Dec. 30, 2005:
hi raven,
i found this on your web site.u are so cool i love your shows and your songs.please e-mail me back when u have time


[First of all, no you didn’t find this on Raven’s Web site. You found it on Eric D. Snider’s Web site, a place that only MENTIONS Raven. Seriously, the kids are alleged to be so much smarter about technology than us old people because they’ve grown up with it. Yet they’re stupid enough to think that any site that pops up after Googling “Raven Symone” is automatically Raven’s official site. Doesn’t that seem like the kind of mistake a senior citizen — i.e., someone grossly unfamiliar with the Internet — would make?

Second of all, Emily’s e-mail address contains the term “pianohorses.” Will someone please draw or Photoshop for me a picture of horses playing pianos? I would honestly love that. Thanks.]