Children’s Letters to Raven-Symone VIII


See the previous entries in this category (there’s a list in the right-hand column of this page) for details. Basically, these are people writing to an e-mail address that they mistakenly believe belongs to Raven-Symone. If you do not know who Raven-Symone is, then buddy, you haven’t lived.

The letters appear here just as they were sent. For easier browsing, I have put certain special passages in bold type.


May 30, 2006:
hey raven. wuts up. hey i hope this is your e-mail address cause i am a big fan. hey i was wondering is this you? [a picture of Raven-Symone is included.] cause i thought you were alot sninnier? well i gtg comment me back.

[If you’re going to insult a stranger, you should at least spell it right. At least, that’s always been my motto.]

* * * * *

May 31, 2006:
Whatever I did i am sorry for.My name is Taylor [last name] and I am in the 7th grade in middle school.I am in the band playing the trumpet and I run track doing the 4by200 and shot put.I like to travel,play basketball and play video games.I have watched your TV show man that show is so cool it makes me want to be on that show.I also heard your song Backflip and I said she is a beautiful singer I know shes looking up to a good life.But you are a dinomyte singer keep it up.Email me back so I can know about you my address is [e-mail] all together bye.

* * * * *

June 3, 2006:
Hi Raven my name is Ericah [last name] and im your biggest fan!!!I’m 12 years old and I wacth all your shows like ”THAT’S SO RAVEN i love you my e-mail address is [e-mail] my phone number is [phone number] you can call me Monday- Saturday @ 12:00 to &:30 and Sunday’s 2:00 to 6:30 please e-mAIL ME BACK lOVE YOU rAVEN

* * * * *

June 10, 2006:
HI, I’m your trilillion biggest fans [I have no idea.] I watch disneychannel all day, and I watch your show eveyday! I heard that you act alot when you’re 4 and 3 or 2 years of age. [Yes, every time Raven is 4 and 3 or 2 years old, she does some acting. Every time.]
I’m 11 and I live in LAs Vegas! I want to sing, like Hannah Montahna*. She’s good, but my voice is exactly the same as her voice when she sing, I sing too. My friends as me why do my sound is exactly like hers, i said i don’t know why.

[“Hey, girl! Why do your sound is exactly like Raven’s?” “I don’t know why.”]

* * * * *

June 19, 2006:
Hey raven this is chelsea I was just calling to tell you that I was hoping you could talk to your agent and ask him can chelsea [last name] have ah opportunity to become a child actress. Ihope he or she will approve as, well, as you raven.
you really inspired to become an actress I’m not just saying that because I want to get into show buis. Like when you were on the cosby show and fresh-prince of belair very classic. I also can’t wait to see cheetah girls 2. I really hope you get back in touch with me.

see ya

* * * * *

June 26, 2006:
Raven, my name is Shavon [last name], i really dont know you but i am one of your biggist fans ever!!!! and when i put such an vocabulary to describe my self, i really mean the biggist fan. [She can spell “vocabulary,” but not “biggest”?] I’ve been listening to your song “some call it magic” every day. in fact you are very pretty. very indeed pretty. some people in my class say that i’m to “addicted to that’s so raven show” i said no, i’m addicted to the show and Raven symone. you were so cute when you was a little girl. but i am 14. i so love you ray. especially when you say Ohh snap!. one off my favorite shows of all is that epicode, [excuse my spelling,] when Cory (kyle) when he wanted to have a party, but then he made you break the lamp. i think that your dance to that particular music was halurous. please please please please please please please please please please please contact me, i really so much want to meet you. love ya here’s my email address, [e-mail]

* * * * *

June 26, 2006:
my stepdaughter likes you a lot but shes being bad

[… so I told her you died.]

* * * * *

July 1, 2006:
hey rei how are you.this is yuor boy justin please
email me back
lov is a important role in actting

* * * * *

July 5, 2006:
dear raven me and my three friends are wondering if we can be the new cheetah girls?our names are Cierra that’s me,and Cailey ,taylor D, and my other friend taylor G. please we have memorized most of your songs well almost all of them but one we are still working on email me at [e-mail] oh also can you give us the other three girls there email address write me back or call me at [phone number, no area code]
my name is Cierra oh if you go to the fair at billings mt. i will see you there
oh i am 10 years old and the other three girls are 9 years old.

p.s. can i have your cell phone number maybe even 5 tickets to your concert?

from cierra
to raven

July 10, 2006:
hello raven
its me Cierra again remember the girl who asked you if me and my three friends can be like your little sisters or even the new cheetah girls when you guys i mean girls get just a bit old to act what i mean by your little sisters is that like in the third cheetah girls movie if you ever have a third cheetah girls like you guys adopt us and we could be your little sisters will you please email me back my email address is [e-mail] oh if your wondering how i got your email address i looked it up on the internet and if you say we can be in the cheetah girls or even if you say no can you give me the other three cheetah girls email address and there address plus your so i can always write and send it straight to your house.



AND MY ADDRESS IS [street address; no city, state, or zip code]

from- Cierra P.
To-Raven S.

July 11, 2006:
dear raven its me cierra remember that girl who emailed you and asked if me and my three friends can be like your little sisters in the next few cheetah girls movie if you guys ever make maor movies PLEASE we memorized almost all of your songs and we are BIG FANS plus we know all about you four girls can you write me back my email address is [e-mail] and if you email me back can i have your address and the other three girls address and email address Please and Thank you

from Cierra
to Raven


p.s MY ADDRESS IS [street address again]
just in case you want to write plus can you give my address to the other three girls

July 12, 2006:
dear raven
its me Cierra remember the girl who was wondering if i and my three friends can be in the cheetah girls as your little sisters or something like that we are big fans well not fans that will go crazy if we see you ok maybe a little bit can you write me back at [e-mail] PLEASE we would really love to be oh also its because we really adore you guys and we have memorized most of your songs and my address is [street address] can i have your address and the other three girls email address and address


From cierra
To raven

* * * * *

July 13, 2006:
hola raven yo soy sebastian [apellido] y mis correos es [e-mailo] y mi gmail es [e-mailo de Gmail] yo tengo 14 años y yo vivo en america del sur osea en chile yo veo todos los sabados es tan raven soy fanatico me despido un abrazo y cuidate chao.sebastian [apellido]

* * * * *

July 15, 2006:
I can’t wait till you come to OH. it will be so AAAAAWWWWWEEEEESSSSSOOOOOMMMMMEEEEE!!!!! (AWESOME)

See ya! Your BIGGEST FAN

[I love the translation. “AAAAAWWWWWEEEEESSSSSOOOOOMMMMMEEEEE!!!!!” means “awesome.]

* * * * *

July 15, 2006:
Hi!! I’m Kaylee, Your Biggest fan!! I am the one who you met in Valdosta Georgia at Wild Adventures!! I gave you a necklace with your personalized name on it!! Anyways, I am going to spread around your email adress. But if that is a problem (even if it is not) PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!! email me!!

Kaylee [last name] [phone number, no area code]

* * * * *

July 18, 2006:
raven u dont know how much i want to meet u, as i write this letter i am in tears please, i bage u, please reply to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if u reply to me i will feel very special!

i dont have much to say but say hi to kyle,orlando, and especially melissah.

i love u raven please respond!!!!!!!!!!

* * * * *

July 19, 2006:
Raven…hi i hope this is rly you. please let it be you!!! [Uh, OK. It’s me!] i have been trying to reach you and just like u wanted to meet danna cobanna i wanna meet u and make my dreams come true…i wanna shine and be a star!!! Please help me make my dream come true i beg you!!!! i wanna be a star and i need ur help plz help me and respond to me my e mail is [e-mail]. my name is Lilian [last name] and i am ur BIGGEST FAN!! tHE REASON WHY im not giving u my home address is becuz well i dont know if u will pay attention to me..u might think im crazy! plz answer me raven! PLEASE!! I love you soooooo much and hope to keep contact with you! I LOVE YOU RAVEN!


~Lilian [last name]

[Because for sure what Raven was wondering was, “Why hasn’t Lilian given me her home address yet?!]

* * * * *

July 19, 2006:
hey girl

i swaer u r my favorite no joke iv been watchn ur show from u were little cosby show lol i get compliments all the time that i look like u that you and i should make a movie togeathe i swaer on my dad that is my wish my only wish . please wright me back ill even come and vist u i dont care even if ur in china.

gigi [last name]

* * * * *

July 27, 2006:

* * * * *

July 28, 2006:
dear raven
i love our cd and movie
i’m biggest fan i mean to
email you i just asked you
please come my graduation
in june i invited you bring
boyfrined thank you raven
i really want you there
here my email [e-mail]
and cell phone number to [no number given]


* * * * *

Aug. 1, 2006:
i knoe this is not raven symone but can u please show raven symone the e-mail i sended her not u.even though it was not really hers please.please please,please.and let raven write back im begging u.

[Ooh… She ALMOST grasped reality. So close.]