Children’s Letters to Raven-Symone


The story so far:

In July 2005, I wrote a blog entry about an exchange I had with someone who wanted actress/singer Raven-Symone’s e-mail address. There was no reason I would have that information, of course; this was a kid who thought that because I reviewed movies meant I had some connection to the people in them.

However, the blog entry only exacerbated the problem: Now when you Googled “Raven-Symone” and “e-mail,” my Web site came up. This caused more people to write in and ask for Raven-Symone’s address, apparently failing to read (or at least to understand) the article where I mentioned the subject.

This caused me to write ANOTHER blog entry, about how the first blog entry had failed. Well, that only made the problem EVEN WORSE, of course. Now when you Googled “Raven-Symone” and “e-mail,” TWO blog entries came up, thus making it even more apparent (to stupid people) that I MUST be in possession of the prized information.

Finally, I wrote one more blog entry in which I “confessed” that I did have Raven-Symone’s e-mail address, and I gave it out: I also explained that this was actually a fake e-mail address I had registered at Gmail, and that any mail sent there would be read by me, not by Raven-Symone.

Obviously, despite my clear statements that this was NOT actually Raven-Symone’s e-mail address, dozens of people still sent mail to it, thinking they were reaching Ms. Symone. I will reprint these e-mails here, a few at a time, starting at the very beginning. (The first e-mails came the day after I posted that last blog entry.) I call this feature:


Nov. 6, 2005:
my name is benedicte and i speak french, and a little bit english
i want you to know that i’m you big fan.
i really like the way you dress.
can you email me back? Pleaaaaaaaaaase!!
bye, have a very nice day.

* * * * *

Nov. 8, 2005:
hey raven,

guess what member me i am your lil sister chinyere. do u remeber me. just e-mail me back and tell me ok bye big sis. p.s. my e-mail is [withheld]
[I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Raven-Symone probably knows her little sisters.]

Nov. 8, 2005:
[Follow-up to previous e-mail]
hey ra,

if u want to c my web site it is [withheld] or my new one is [withheld] ok bye big sis

love lil sis

p.s. thanks so much for being my romodel 4 life

* * * * *

Nov. 10, 2005:
Hi My name is Lonnika and I haven’t gave out this email address to any one in peticular because I want you to answer this personaly because your my only real favorite actress who is real and not fake like everyone else acts to be. Your a real good person because I read A paper that said you like cheddar grits with shrimp I think it sounds kind of gross but I da love my grits with cheese. I gonna have too just try it some time . Raven Symone my name is Lonnika Barbee I am 15 years old and Ilove your show That;s So Raven It’s so much better than that Lizzie McGuire Show and they still have it on Disbey Channel it needs to be removed! Raven If you do answer my prayers bout becoming an actress and a singer just like you be cause I look up to you. I will do everything and anything for you Raven Symone. I got your Email address from this website at which said this is your email address you have to type in raven symones Email Address,or something like that. [Yes, or something like that.] I’m not trying to be mean or anything because I know that your a REAL ACTRESS OAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the website is called please read this I don’t know who wrote it but u should check it out I’t sounded like somones mom wrote it and I’m wondering why would she even write and send something like that. It’s for the children any way Raven I know that whatever that page sadi wasn’t true because when your on T.V. and whatever comes out of your moth is true not what anyone else false says.

* * * * *

Nov. 10, 2005:
dear raven ,how are you my name is brittany i live in Iowa i’m 11 years old i’m in 6th grade.I LOOOVE your show!!! i’ts funny i watch everyday.I know you are doing spot dates right know but will you ever come to Iowa??????? please email me back please! my mom thinks you are a very very very very very very very bad infleuence on kids because she raed in a magizine that you where pregnant and she also saw it on t.v now did you know a lot of your fans and there parents are turning against you? But hey you are still my home girl i wish you where my sister a lot of friends ,teachers and family saysi looke like you like your facial expressions. well raven i think that will be it 4 the night. Oh yeah one more question why are you so personal with your life is it because you don’t want to be in the tabloids? that’s what my mom calls it.

bye raven
love Brittany!

Nov. 10, 2005:
[Follow-up to previous e-mail]
Dear Raven ,It’s me Brittany again i have another question will you be coming ou with another cd called ”Fly Like A Raven”? And will it be like your last cd ”This is My Time”?

love you knew friend,

* * * * *

Nov. 13, 2005:
Hey is this really Raven’s email?

* * * * *

Nov. 14, 2005:
Hi, Raven. How are you doing? I am wanting to see if the e-mail address I have is true. What are your plans for thanksgiving? I will talk to you later.

From, Matthew [last name withheld]

P.S. – ATL (8-7-05)

* * * * *

Nov. 15, 2005:
(Note: if this email address doesn’t belong to Raven Symone…singer, actress, model… please ignore)

Hi Miss Symone,

My name’s Mike and I’m a big fan of yours, from Montreal.

I just wanted to say that I absolutely enjoy your work. Your album is the bomb and your shows are great too!…THis is defintely your time!

You’re a fine actress, very talented, drop-dead gorgeous… and I think you’re gonna be at the top of the industry soon enough.

Not to mention, your album is also the bomb! You sing like a true diva! …much better than many of today’s chart-toppers. And it doesn’t hurt that you can dance as well!

I hope to see many more films from you (including dramatic roles) and also hope that you’ll consider going on tour with your great voice and dance moves…and I know the fans would LOVE to see that!

Thanks for all the great entertainment and more to come!

A fan always,
Mike [last name withheld]

* * * * *

Nov. 15, 2005:
i holla at u b4 i work at the 4040club but its not official yet please holla back let me kno if ur raven