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Snide Remarks flashback: politics (ugh)

Only about a dozen of the 673 “Snide Remarks” columns I’ve written have been about politics, and most of those were silly rather than partisan. It was never a conscious decision to avoid politics in the column; I’ve always just written about whatever was on my mind, and politics has not often been on my mind (or at least not in a funny way). Since ’tis the season for politics now, here’s what I’ve written on the subject over the years.

“Every Vote Re-Counts” (11/24/2000): Election 2000!
“Zombie for Mayor” (5/29/2002): At a small town’s political debate.
“Apolitical Science” (7/12/2004): These are hard times for people who don’t care about politics.
“Roger Hunsaker, Zombie President” (11/8/2004): Our nation’s first zombie president’s acceptance speech.
“The Blog Cabin” (8/15/2005): Abraham Lincoln’s blog.
“Nation of the Dead” (10/31/2005): President Hunsaker makes his annual address.
“Hot Library Action” (10/30/2006): Voting early, and the library tax.
“The Current State of American Political Discourse: A Tragedy in One Act” (11/6/2006): The template for political debates in 2006 [or 2008, or 2010, or 2012…]
“The Perfect Thanksgiving” (11/19/2007): Different viewpoints on the holiday.
“Your Candidate/My Candidate” (9/15/2008): A lesson in spin-doctoring.
“Fact Checking” (10/20/2008): Examining some of the candidates’ claims.
“Choosing Your Candid Hate” (6/27/2011): The types of people we won’t vote for.
“A Grimm View of Politics” (1/10/2012): Fairy tales for our partisan times.

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