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Weekly link roundup – Oct. 28-Nov. 10

Catching up on the last two weeks’ worth of material, including some very important James Bond propaganda that you should be aware of.

“Wreck-It Ralph” B [Twitch]
“Flight” C+
“This Must Be the Place” D
“Skyfall” A-
“In Their Skin” B

Song: “Randy Newman’s Title Song from ‘Skyfall.'” Fun fact I discovered this week: having a cold and being at the beginning stages of losing your voice actually improves your Randy Newman impersonation. [SoundCloud]

Eric’s Bad Movies: “Children of the Corn” (1984), which spawned innumerable sequels despite being as dull as corn. []

Re-Views: “Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever” (2002), a bad movie with a bad title that I decided to give another chance. []

Re-Views: “American Beauty” (1999). There was some backlash after this won all the accolades. The word “overrated” gets tossed around a lot. I took another look. []

Quiz: Female Character in a James Bond Movie, or Drag Queen We Made Up? Test your knowledge! [Pajiba]

007 By the Numbers: Every James Bond Statistic You Never Knew You Needed to Know. Part 1 gives stats for the franchise as a whole; Part 2 breaks it down movie by movie. []

Snide Remarks: “Supernatural Selection” — Spooky candidates debate the issues.

Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider: Episode 133 brought news of Bayer’s baby son, along with reviews of “Wreck-It Ralph,” “Flight,” and “The Sessions”; Episode 134 has “Skyfall,” “Smashed,” “The Comedy,” and other jovialities. [Listen at MovieBS]

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