Weekly link roundup – June 4-10


“Super 8” (B+)
“The Trip” (B)

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Eric’s Bad Movies: “Hawk the Slayer” (1980). A true gem in the Bad Movies crown, and one I’d never heard of until one of you knuckleheads suggested it. Who was it? C’mon, fess up. [Film.com]

What’s the Big Deal?: “Tokyo Story” (1953). This is an interesting case of a movie that’s extremely well-regarded in certain circles of film nerdery, while your average man on the street has never heard of it, I think. [Film.com]

Re-Views: “Kung Pow: Enter the Fist” (2002). The flip side of this new column is that I hardly ever re-watch movies I hated (because why would I?), but many of them have ardent supporters. Will a second screening several years later change my mind? “Re-Views” will alternate week to week between re-watching movies I loved the first time, and re-watching movies I hated the first time. You take the good; you take the bad; you take them both, and there you have the facts of life. [Film.com]

Blu-Ray Review: The Superman Motion Picture Anthology: 1978-2006. I reviewed this nifty new box set. [Film.com]

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Snide Remarks: “The Summer TV Preview” — What to watch when nothing else is on.

Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider: Reviews of “Super 8,” “The Tree of Life,” and “Beginners” (which Jeff saw and I didn’t). There’s also discussion of the Alamo Drafthouse no-texting thing (linked below) and assorted other nonsense. [Cascadia.fm] or [iTunes]

Legion of News: I filled in for Dawn Taylor as sidekick to Rick Emerson on Wednesday’s edition of this program, which is daily news and commentary and stuff. It was fun. [Cascadia.fm]

In the Dark: Subscribe to this weekly e-mail and get all the latest movie reviews, DVD releases, and other pertinent info delivered to your electronic mailbox. [Eric D. Snider’s In the Dark]

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The Alamo Drafthouse, a movie theater that is also a national treasure, has a firm no-talking/no-texting policy. If you disrupt other patrons and someone complains about you, the staff will politely warn you. Do it again and you get tossed out. This young lady kept texting despite repeated warnings, got evicted, then left a drunken and hilarious voice mail for the Drafthouse. (She lies and says she was just using the phone as a flashlight to find her seat, not texting; then says she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to text; then says she should be allowed to text because she does it everywhere.) The Drafthouse is using her voice mail as its new pre-show “don’t talk or text during the movie” ad. [Alamo Drafthouse]

Then CNN’s Anderson Cooper talked about it and praised the Drafthouse for actually DOING something to address the common complaint that moviegoing is frequently ruined by other patrons. [CNN]

Then Drafthouse founder/CEO/lunatic Tim League explained the policy further. [CNN]

Brian Salisbury, heir to the delicious steak fortune, uses “High Noon” as the starting point for a new column about how movies teach us lessons in manliness. [Movies.com]

What happens when you ride your bike in the bike lane? Hilarity. [Break]

My old friend and high school classmate Craig Bates dusted off something he wrote a couple years ago: Worst. Commencement. Speech. Ever. [Craigbates]