Weekly link roundup: May 7-13


    “Bridesmaids” (B)
    “Priest” (C) [Film.com]
    “Everything Must Go” (B+) [Film.com]
    “Hesher” (B+)

    Eric’s Bad Movies: “Bats” (1999). Starring bats. As a personal challenge, I didn’t make any Batman jokes. [Film.com]
    What’s the Big Deal?: “Lawrence of Arabia” (1962). No Batman jokes in this one either, though it required less restraint in this case. [Film.com]
    What to Expect When You’re Expecting “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.” I had to make some educated guesses. [Film.com]

    Snide Remarks: “My Body Is a Wonderland” — Gross descriptions of gross things
    Blog: Eric’s Bad Movies needs more suggestions, por favor.

    Friend and fellow writer Erin McCarthy has a friend named Kate who freaks out a lot when she watches scary movies, and apparently talks a lot when she watches movies in general. Erin made a hilarious video called “Watch Kate Watching ‘The Thing.'” [Twitvid]

    Friend and fellow writer “Cole Abaius” is a terrific interviewer. Here he is talking to legendary stuntman Vic Armstrong on this week’s edition of the Reject Radio podcast. [Film School Rejects]

    Former friend and fellow writer Peter Hall stopped being my friend when he made me afraid to sit down anymore. Read this and be likewise afraid. [Daily Infographic]

    Uh-oh! Looks like the contest to be Obama’s biggest fan has a new frontrunner! [Twitpic]

    A Hoth realtor addresses some of the concerns being raised over his decision to turn Han Solo’s deceased tauntaun into a modest studio apartment. [McSweeney’s]

    Speaking of which, Obi-Wan Kenobi is dead, Vader says. (The attention to detail on this parody is very impressive.) [Galactic Empire Times]

    My old SLC pal Scott Renshaw wrote a highly entertaining and informative cover story about his first attempt to drink coffee. [City Weekly]

    I enjoyed Tina Fey on “Saturday Night Live” last week. Here’s a sketch they cut after dress rehearsal, “Great Women Writers Throughout History.” [Hulu]

    This article about David Eagleman’s research into the way we perceive time totally blew my mind. Then I read it again, and it blew my mind again. Fascinating! [The New Yorker]

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