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Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #219: ‘The Purge: Anarchy,’ ‘Sex Tape,’ more

July 19th, 2014

[There's a new "Planes" movie too, but Movie B.S. refused to dignify it by watching it.]

Episode 219: ‘The Purge: Anarchy,’ ‘Sex Tape,’ ‘Wish I Was Here’

0:00-3:10 – Introduction, what Jeff’s drinking
3:10-4:15 – iTunes review
4:15-5:15 – Neither of us saw “Planes: Fire and Rescue”
5:15-21:15 – “The Purge: Anarchy” review
21:15-33:25 – “Sex Tape” review
33:25-45:10 – “Wish I Was Here” review, plus the Zach Braff Twitter incident
45:10-56:00 – QOTW (your gift ideas for Jeff Bayer)
56:00-57:20 – Wrappin’ things up

QOTW: In the spirit of “Lucy” (“you only use 10% of your brain”), what other old wives’ tale/urban legend/common misconception could be the premise for a movie?

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Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #218: ‘DOTPOTA,’ ‘Snowpiercer,’ ‘Land Ho,’ etc.

July 12th, 2014

[We took a week off to accommodate Jeff's move to San Diego (such a diva), but Movie B.S. is back now as if nothing ever happened.]

Episode 218: ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,’ ‘Snowpiercer,’ ‘Begin Again,’ ‘Land Ho!’

0:00-2:30 – Introduction, our new theme song (thanks, Gregory Whitehead!)
2:30-7:00 – Jeff is in San Diego now and is annoyingly happy about it; watching movies long distance
7:00-8:00 – iTunes review
8:00-21:25 – “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” review
21:25-31:05 – “Snowpiercer” review (It’s B.S.-approved™!)
31:05-38:10 – “Begin Again” review
38:10-40:25 – “Land Ho!” review
40:25-43:30 – Eric has quasi-reviews of “Deliver Us from Evil” and “Tammy”
43:30-46:20 – Jeff recommends “Battered Bastards of Baseball” now on Netflix
46:20-49:15 – Summer Box Office Challenge update: it’s not looking good for Jeff
49:15-54:40 – An unrelated weight-loss contest
54:40-1:05:45 – QOTW (favorite summer moviegoing memories)
1:05:45-1:08:20 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What movie-related gift would you love to get for Jeff Bayer on his birthday (July 14)? You can give one realistic answer and one fantasy answer. Jeff will choose the best answers and praise that person.

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Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #217: Our favorites of 2014 (so far)

June 29th, 2014

[This week's Movie B.S. has a lot of me and Jeff reminiscing on account of he's moving. But the show will go on!]

Episode 217: Our favorites of 2014 (so far)

0:00-6:00 – Introduction, it’s Bayer’s last show before he moves to San Diego, complaining
6:00-7:10 – iTunes review
7:10-12:00 – “Transformers: Age of Extinction” wasn’t screened in Portland but we talk about it anyway
12:00-30:50 – Our top 10 lists for the first half of 2014
30:50-50:40 – Preparatory to Jeff’s departure, we reminisce about all the movies we watched at Jeff’s house over the years, and get nostalgic
50:40-1:00:00 – QOTW (toys and games that could be movies or whatever)
1:00:00- No show next week (July 4), and then something about tasers, and the wrap-up

QOTW: What is your favorite summer movie theater memory?

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Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #215: ‘How 2 Train Your Dragon,’ ’22 Jump St’

June 15th, 2014

[We've got a couple of sequels on Movie B.S. this week -- and they're good!]

Episode 215: ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2,’ ’22 Jump Street,’ Character Casserole

0:00-2:50 – Introduction, beverages, takin’ it one day at a time
2:50-14:20 – “How to Train Your Dragon 2″ review
14:20-29:10 – “22 Jump Street” review
29:10-31:55 – Box Office Challenge update, and also Thai food
31:55-43:10 – QOTW (books you liked that became bad movies)
43:10-52:25 – A game of Pitch Me
52:25-53:25 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What home from a movie do you wish you owned?

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Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #214: ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ ‘Fault in Our Stars’

June 8th, 2014

[Listen to Movie B.S. and watch your cares and troubles melt away.]

Episode 214: ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

0:00-3:35 – Introduction, something Jeff likes about fatherhood
3:35-16:15 – “Edge of Tomorrow” review
16:15-20:20 – Our rating system, stuff Jeff wants, funny cancer
20:20-32:10 – “The Fault in Our Stars” review
32:10-47:35 – QOTW (your brushes with fame, and ours)
47:35-53:10 – Box Office Challenge updates, including what the stakes of the bet are
53:10-56:10 – Updates on Dr Pepper imitators and Wanker’s Corner
56:10-58:05 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What’s a book you loved that got turned into a movie you didn’t — or a book you didn’t like that became a good movie?

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Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #213: ‘Maleficent,’ ‘A Million Ways…,” more

June 1st, 2014

[Plus "Cold in July" and a round of Character Casserole, all on this week's Movie B.S..]

Episode 213: ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West,’ ‘Maleficent,’ ‘Cold in July,’ Character Casserole

0:00-2:05 – Introduction, hello, water
2:05-4:15 – iTunes review, repetition of shirts
4:15-17:55 – “A Million Ways to Die in the West” review
17:55-29:05 – “Maleficent” review
29:05-36:20 – “Cold in July” review
36:20-44:30 – QOTW (movies that reflect your beliefs)
44:30-48:25 – Possible replacement for “nerd” as insult, including some labored double entendre
48:25-58:10 – A game of Character Casserole
58:10-59:40 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What is your best brush with fame? True stories only, por favor

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R.I.P. Jeff Vice

May 27th, 2014

(In memory of my friend Jeff Vice, who died Monday after a massive asthma attack and heart failure.)

In 1999, when I started reviewing movies regularly for the Daily Herald in Provo, it was Jeff Vice of the Deseret News in Salt Lake City who showed me the ropes. He gave me publicists’ contact information and helped me get on the right lists. He gladly and patiently let me coordinate my schedule with his, to make sure I hadn’t missed any screening announcements. I felt intimidated to be joining an already established group of Utah critics — Jeff; Sean Means at the Salt Lake Tribune; Scott Renshaw at City Weekly; Steve Salles at the Ogden Standard-Examiner — but Jeff made me feel welcome.

Over the next six years, this core group of us and a handful of others (like Audrey Rock at the Tooele paper; Tony Toscano of TV; Jeremy Mathews at the University of Utah paper) must have watched more than a thousand movies together at various theaters in Salt Lake. I’d heard of cities where the critics were merely civil to each other (at best), but it wasn’t like that here. Led by Jeff’s earnest friendliness and ever-present smile, we were a group of colleagues who became real friends.

At the evening screenings, which were open to the public so we had to get there early, we’d spend the half-hour before showtime chatting about movies and TV. If it was a Monday, we’d repeat lines from the previous night’s episode of “The Simpsons” to each other. If I missed a screening of a movie that turned out to be bad, Jeff would paraphrase “Office Space” and tell me, “Oh, I wouldn’t say you were missing it….” We enjoyed the good movies as a group, endured the disasters together. We socialized outside of “work.” I spent more time in the company of my fellow critics than I did with my actual co-workers at the newspaper I wrote for.

I moved to Portland in 2005. For the next couple years, whenever I’d be back in Utah for something, Jeff would email the gang and arrange for us all to have dinner. It was a sweet, thoughtful thing to do — and Jeff did sweet, thoughtful things all the time. He was generous and kind, an enthusiastic geek with a great big ol’ heart. I called him J-Dawg and he called me E-Roc.

We weren’t in touch very much the last few years, though we recently reconnected on Twitter and Facebook. I actually had a dream about him a couple nights before he died. In the dream, I was back in Salt Lake City and I ran into Jeff in a parking lot, where we stood and chatted about how I was turning 40 this year. In real life, when Jeff turned 40, someone Photoshopped his face onto the poster for “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” In my dream, Jeff brought this up and joked about doing it for me. We laughed and laughed, and it felt like old times. Even though it wasn’t real, I’m glad I had this last fond memory of Jeff before he died.

My condolences to his family, his girlfriend, and the people who were lucky enough to be working with him when he died. I know the Utah film and geek communities are devastated today. R.I.P., old friend.

(To my great dismay, I don’t seem to have any pictures of me and Jeff together. If anyone reading this does have such a picture, please send it my way.)

Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #212: ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ ‘Chef,’ more

May 24th, 2014

[We talk about Adam Sandler's "Blended" on Movie B.S. too, even though I didn't see it. We're edgy like that.]

Episode 212: ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ ‘Blended,’ ‘Chef’

0:00-4:05 – Introduction, Dr Pepper imitations
4:05-18:50 – “X-Men: Days of Future Past” review
18:50-22:15 – Replacements needed for “nerd” and “geek,” with discussion of what used to be offensive but isn’t now
22:15-30:10 – “Blended” review (Bayer only; Snider talks about why he didn’t see it)
30:10-34:30 – “Chef” review
34:30-42:35 – QOTW (movies that could have used time travel)
42:35-45:25 – Summer Box Office Challenge update
45:25-47:45 – Help us determine which Best Actor/Actress Oscar nominee shows up the latest in his/her movie (current champion: Frances McDormand, “Fargo,” 33 minutes in)
47:45-49:20 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What movie most faithfully depicts a religion, philosophy, or point of view that you strongly believe in?

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Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #211: ‘Godzilla,’ ‘Million Dollar Arm,’ more

May 17th, 2014

[Giant monsters, Jon Hamm, an improvised Old West thriller, and more on Movie B.S.!]

Episode 211: ‘Godzilla,’ ‘Million Dollar Arm,’ ‘God’s Pocket,’ ‘Locke,’ Pitch Me

0:00-4:00 – Introduction, the weather, calories in soda
4:00-22:30 – “Godzilla” review
22:30-29:10 – “Million Dollar Arm” review
29:10-34:00 – “God’s Pocket” review
34:00-39:35 – “Locke” review
39:35-46:25 – QOTW (funny moments in dramas)
46:25-55:45 – Follow-up on “Neighbors,” seeing it with your mom, and the box office
55:45-1:03:00 – A round of Pitch Me!
1:03:00-1:06:20 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What movie should have used time travel, and why?

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Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #209: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ ‘Blue Ruin’

May 4th, 2014

[Don't miss this week's Movie B.S.! We chose our films for our summer box office challenge. It's gonna be fun.]

Episode 209: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ ‘Blue Ruin,’ summer box office draft

0:00-2:35 – Introduction, small talk
2:35-5:30 – iTunes review, a call for new theme songs, Fat Albert
5:30-19:45 – “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ review
19:45-23:25 – Eric’s proposal for curtailing the comic book movies, more Spidey talk
23:25-29:05 – “Blue Ruin” review
29:05-35:15 – QOTW (your most anticipated films of the summer)
35:15-49:50 – We choose our movies for the 4th annual summer blockbuster contest. The stakes are high! We don’t know what they are yet, but they are high
49:50-52:35 – Next week’s QOTW, wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What was your most emotional movie moment?

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